Sometimes it is necessary to limit or eliminate your contact with certain individuals who bring you more misery than peace and do not reflect or allow you to be the person that you truly are or aspire to become. Instead, surround yourself with positive thinkers who are not always creating drama. Choose people who make your day brighter simply by being around them. Find those whom you admire; you are proud to know; and who support, motivate and encourage you to grow.


Two people so close yet so far

It’s slightly crazy how two people can be so similar, so in unison yet so far away.

Similar thoughts, very similar if not the same things being done at the same time or very close to the time the other did it without knowing at that time.

Fascinated and visiting the same places.

Two souls that would be so perfect in unison not being able to due to distance and one not realizing the perfect match is somehow so close, even far by distance which could be overcome.

During my astral projections I have seen a lot, and learned a lot. It’s such a shame these two souls have to remain parted.

Never make promises you don’t intend on keeping

Too many people say things these days just to make someone happy in that moment, yet forget that if they don’t follow through it can cause a lot of pain. Why do you say you are going to do something if you don’t follow through with it? Why make promises you don’t even intend to keep? It’s better to say nothing at all then giving someone hope but hurt them by ignoring them.

Sure, some are busy and not able to do something as soon as they think they may be able to, but if they have the time to be on for others and do then and there what they said they were going to do for you, then it is clear and obvious they aren’t going to keep the promise they made to you/

When someone has respect and manners, and doesn’t pester or cling on you, it does not mean they are less interested than those that do, it just shows they are a kind person with exactly that, respect and manners. Just saying.

Also someone may be in a similar business or used to work in that environment, so isn’t thinking or treating you any different because you are just a “normal person like everyone else” to them, which isn’t a bad thing at all. Ever thought about that?

Just some random thoughts today

Why do people say they do something when they don’t? Making someone happy with their words one moment, but hurting them a lot more by not following them with actions.

Why are people so superficial these days?

I know sadly manners, courtesy and kindness are hard to find traits in people in this time, but I also know there are some decent and good people left. The more of a disappointment is felt when those that are decent turn out to be not what they seemed when spending a few hours with them after all.

Another thought – it is pretty irritating that certain things are accepted or played down when one does it, especially a celeb or what they class as that, but all hell would break lose if it was within their friend’s or family circle? Will never get that one either.

About him again

Well I know LA changes people, always has and always will. Even it would help me being what I was born to be I would never move there and rather not be an actor than live there. I was hoping he was only there temporarily and see it for what it was but sadly he did get suck in. Well it did change him, and not for the better and it seems most of the negative changes happened with in the past 18 months. The smile isn’t the same anymore, neither are the eyes, and the aura has changed too. It is a real shame to see a person like him change like that. The only good about this situation is that I am slowly getting over him, finally.

Why does he still matter?

I know very well someone that doesn’t care about me shouldn’t matter at all. I usually don’t run after people, if someone has no interest I turn around and forget about them pretty soon, but this guy really keeps creeping up. He ignores me, and on most days I don’t think about him and don’t care, but some random day he just is stuck in my mind. I can’t get rid. It is weird. I mean we talked before he became who he is now on a Forum sharing the same interest in a sport. We emailed a bit but then it stopped, probably because of us both moving and doing our own things. I met him without knowing who he is, we got along great but I was rather busy so couldn’t spend much time with him. I met him again a year later, again we got along great, but there was little time again. Some signs appeared and I realized it is that dude I talked to on the Forum all these years ago. Funny how things happen in life sometimes. Shame however he seems to be totally shallow now, being into awful skinny and immature teens whilst having hit the 30 a few years back.  

I don’t want to think about him, I don’t really care about him, yet why does he keep appearing out of nowhere in my thoughts or dreams? I seem to Astral travel to him. The Universe seems to know about our souls being connected in a way I suppose, but it just won’t be happening. So, why does he still matter?  

Inconsiderate Society

It is with sad truth that Society gets more and more inconsiderate be it driving, at work or at a shop. It’s really horrible to witness how road users pay no attention, and consideration towards others, how people talk to each other, how little respect is left. It used to be shocking to find someone misbehaving, being rude and aggressive, now it appears to be the opposite, one feels shocked meeting someone friendly and considerate.

I really hope this “trend” will die out and living with each other will be a little more pleasant again one day soon.