Rejection leaves scars too

Do you people out there actually still have any decency? Do they know that rejection can leave very deep physical scars just like abuse too?

Rejection and ignoring someone for no reason is plain rude, and shows lack of character. It can damage someone pretty good too. Don’t promise to keep in touch or pretend to be very keen on someone when you aren’t as not acting upon your words can cause as much psychological damage as actual abuse.

THINK before you act!

Also if someone takes the time to write to you and it’s a kind or helpful letter / e-mail / message, take the time to at least reply, even if it is only one sentence, at least thank them for contacting you!

The only time it is actually best and okay to ignore someone is when they are being rude, or clearly just wants to start / cause drama. No need to feed the bullies and trolls with the wrong sort of attention they seek, ever.


Being smart

Having a brain that hardly ever shuts off, analyzing and even psychoanalyzing the world all the time is making one lonely these days, as being truly smart isn’t always seen as such. Trying to relate to people who have no idea what one is talkign about, giving you that look and feel of being mentally unstable or whatever else they may think of one.

When actually one simply realized that conforming to the mass population’s process of thoughts would be a complete waste of time, brain cells and energy. Sadly the majority of the population is so narrow-minded that they assume only someone having sucessfully completed courses on paper, or speaking various languages is smart. Fact is, if I would have went to University I would have done just as well if not even better as most there.

Only because I think different, am random, bizarre and yes even weird in a positive way, short everything that isn’t class “normal” (whereas the question here arises, what is normal anyway?) they think I’m stupid or whatever. It’s always shocking to see how many strangers out there assume they know someone, when in fact they have no clue. No time was spent enough to even remotely near enough know someone, yet they judge. They make up a picture inside their heads, based on their own narrow-mindness and malfunctions and perpetrate them onto the other person.

Because they aren’t as honest, open and friendly they can’t understand someone else is. Because someone is smart and speaks wise words they can’t follow or understand, they judge them as being different would be such a bad thing.

We are all individuals, humans, and therefore should be able to be that, individual! Too many humans are sheep these days, following the media, believing everything the industry tells them. They think they know someone if they have seen pictures on the internet, or read one statement or comment by them.

Some people may act and react very different as to yourself in certain situation or subjects due to their past experiences and knowledge. If society only had half an open mind as they claim they do they would not judge as quickly and wrongly as they do, and would accept certain people’s personalities as they are!

Ignorance and aggression

It’s really a sad and scary development to see how aggressive and ignorant people have become. It started with the millennium and has gone worse since.

Politeness and manners are free. It used to be the case that one with a bad attitude and mouth was standing out, these days kind and friendly people are the ones rare and standing out. It’s shocking. 

Same on the roads, too much road rage. Hardly anyone keeps to the speed limit. Yes it is annoying at times, and does not make sense but it’s there for one reason or another. Keeping no safety distance or overtaking someone going the speed limit, or even 10 km over it is clearly unnecessary. 

The rise of negativity and trying to put others down, to feel better about themselves has increased to a scary level too. 

It’s really sad to see how things have developed the past fifteen years and I really wonder where this all will lead to within the next five years. 


Being an introvert I think different to most others out there anyway. I prefer being within my own world and enjoy my solitude, needless to say I am glad whenever I am back home from work. I have days I don’t want to deal with people at all, but sadly it’s not an option due to work.

The aggression people show these days however are something that makes it even harder. Seriously it is very horrible to see how bad words and name calling is happening for no reason really, and how inconsiderate and rude people have become.

Two examples.

1: A woman with her buggy stands on the sidewalk, blocking the whole of it and it is a wide sidewalk. You say jokingly “Typically women, stopping in the middle of the way, blocking it all up.” and she looks up calling you very bad names, besides her small child. Is such a thing really necessary? I would have replied “Sorry, but indeed I am good at parking myself in the way all the time.” or something humerous like that, both would have laughed and moved on.

2: A lady walks down the stairs from a shop right on the sidewalk, looking at her phone and not checking who is coming. Could have been a child on a bike riding downhill too. I said “please check where you are walking lady.” and she was like “now what, so?” and something else I didn’t catch in a very rude tone. After getting into the car, where her boyfriend or husband was waiting they drove by really slow and shouted abusive things, which I ignored and didn’t pay attention too.

I can’t understand such rudeness, and the use of abusive language for no reason really and it worries me how aggressive and inconsiderate people are these days. I really hope there is a change in this trend again, before manslaughter will happen a few times a day on a much larger scale than it sadly is happening already.

The modern world…

Maybe it is being an introvert that I struggle to adapt to the modern world, or maybe I just don’t want to. I really dislike the superficial ways that have developed over the past few years, the fakeness and being judged without being known personally.

The internet for example. It used to be great, now I am not so sure anymore. When I first had AOL (I used to be NSYNCBEE) on my Mac I was still on the road with bands, so chatting on AOL was a great way to meet people without them wanting to use me for information, pretend to be my friend for the “inside scoop” which I didn’t share anyway as my values are high on confidentiality and trust. I met lovely people from all over the world in AOL chats, we were just screen-names, there were no webcams back then and no digital cameras. Now people spread thing son social networks, claim strangers are their friends, post pics of everything since there are digital cameras. NO chats are fun anymore as the first question is always “do you cam?” People don’t want to get to know someone anymore, it’s all about looks and very superficial. One day you are best friends, a week later you barely remember the online handle, facebook page or Twitter name. It really is a shame. The word “friend” and “love” is used way to easy these days too, a friend isn’t just anyone you meet, and smiles at you, a friend is someone that is there for you, likes you for you, keeps your secrets, tells you the truth, that someone you can TRUST. Love is deep, you love a person unconditionally. Otherwise it is just likeness or a crush. People take “selfies” just before bed, or after getting up, yet wear make up, pose, and used an image editing software. Why? Be real! Be truthful! Be yourself!

Photos used to be precious moments, you had a film in your camera and pressed the button when there was a moment to capture, when you met someone special or had a fun time with your friends. When you traveled you captured those amazing places. These days a photo doesn’t mean much anymore, everything is captured even the breakfast, lunch and dinners, a shoe, a stone. Images of someone are taken to humiliate them online, to bully. Videos are being snapped when doing a criminal offence. Why? I really don’t get it. It’s really very sad.

I also dislike the speed and noise level in which everything has to be done. No one takes time for their friends, family and themselves anymore, everything must be open, reachable, there 24/7. Why? Shops used to be open 9 a.m. til 6 p.m. and everyone managed, Saturdays 8 a.m. til 1 p.m. People had jobs then, and an income to spend it, as the cost of living was still affordable too. Rents were 1/3 of your Net income, the way it should be, not 50-75% of it as it is now.

People were still doing things, work was carried out, now everything has to be automated, and much more noisy, it also needs to be done quickly. Why? When god made time he made lots of it!

People are more aggressive than ever before, more tired, suffer from more illnesses, just STOP and take some TIME out again, switch that phone off, unwind.