Two people so close yet so far

It’s slightly crazy how two people can be so similar, so in unison yet so far away.

Similar thoughts, very similar if not the same things being done at the same time or very close to the time the other did it without knowing at that time.

Fascinated and visiting the same places.

Two souls that would be so perfect in unison not being able to due to distance and one not realizing the perfect match is somehow so close, even far by distance which could be overcome.

During my astral projections I have seen a lot, and learned a lot. It’s such a shame these two souls have to remain parted.


Never make promises you don’t intend on keeping

Too many people say things these days just to make someone happy in that moment, yet forget that if they don’t follow through it can cause a lot of pain. Why do you say you are going to do something if you don’t follow through with it? Why make promises you don’t even intend to keep? It’s better to say nothing at all then giving someone hope but hurt them by ignoring them.

Sure, some are busy and not able to do something as soon as they think they may be able to, but if they have the time to be on for others and do then and there what they said they were going to do for you, then it is clear and obvious they aren’t going to keep the promise they made to you/

When someone has respect and manners, and doesn’t pester or cling on you, it does not mean they are less interested than those that do, it just shows they are a kind person with exactly that, respect and manners. Just saying.

Also someone may be in a similar business or used to work in that environment, so isn’t thinking or treating you any different because you are just a “normal person like everyone else” to them, which isn’t a bad thing at all. Ever thought about that?

What is love?

Having been on this planet for over three decades now I have to admit I have never been truly loved. I don’t mean the love of a parent, or friend, I mean love from another person, like a partnership.

I have been used, abused, lied to, and mistreated but never loved. I have felt love towards a few people, one really strongly but of course those feelings weren’t returned.

I will be one of those people that will die unloved and alone. I don’t mind the last bit, being an introvert I do enjoy my solitude, yet I really can’t help but wonder more and more WHAT IS LOVE?

Letting go

Holding on is like believing that there’s only a past; letting go and moving on is knowing in your heart that there’s a bright future ahead. Let’s take a look at eight ways to design the latter.

Letting go isn’t easy, especially if that person is meant for you, all signs show it, they keep appearing in your life without you thinking about them or looking for them. But if they don’t see this, if they don’t realize this or don’t want to see the light, there is not much you can do but try to move on, it will take time, it will take a lot of motivation and effort. I know one day I will be able to let go, he surely is NOT healthy for me neither is it to see he falls for fakes and those with not really a good heart and mind.

If you told the person you love how you feel and there’s no response, understand that there is little point in further contact. The ship has already sailed, and it’s probably for the best. If the person you love doesn’t dignify you with a response, you have to dignify yourself by moving on.
Talk to someone neutral who has been through the same situation. Maybe a best friend, or a parent, or a mentor. If you have to, go see a therapist. Venting your emotions and thoughts with someone neutral can be naturally healing and can help the ‘letting go’ process move along.
Deal with pain in constructive ways. Don’t pretend it’s not there. Find creative outlets, such as art or communication, to channel your pain into. Try to keep your mind off it most of the time, as fixating on your pain may make it worse.

My fingertips are still clinging on the foundations, but I know I will eventually be able to let go.


Love is a curious thing, ranging from simply enjoying something like a meal, to real deep feelings over years for another person.

A milder version of it is a crush on someone, but it should never be confused with simple attraction.

The word love is thrown around too easy these days, and relationships aren’t based on real feelings a lot of times, but on attraction or for gain purposes only.

Yet Love is very important in every day life, and has a high psychological importance.

I have never felt or experienced real true love, and don’t know if I ever will, all I know is that I have had strong feelings towards people before, but the way I was treated back it never developed into love.

I do feel strongly for someone since about 2010, the feelings are weaker on some days, stronger on others, yet I can’t forget him. I have first come across him in 2005 on a Forum, but he moved away, I just moved to the Country, so it was just a brief hello and bye so not even worth truly remembering. In 2010 I met him, it took me until much later to realise it is the same person. Due to his profession I know however it could never be, yet I can’t get him out of my system. If all goes well I will see him again later this year, if I will be able to confess anything is a doubt though, after all I have been crashed, burnt and shot down too many times, yet isn’t there something meant to be when you keep crossing paths over such a long period of time? I wonder.