Why hide it? Just be who you are!

It’s such a shame so many people hide their real me.

They rather be seen for what they aren’t than be true to themselves. Why go through this? Just be who you are!

It’s such a shame that men and women have to pretend and live an unhappy life, or rather exist in an unhealthy and unhappy existence because they are too scared to be who they are. You know if anyone has a problem with the real you, they are the one’s with the problem.

Like C. I am almost certain he is gay but tries to hide it and even does not want to admit it to himself. Even the signs are obvious.

Not only looking after yourself as you are, but no man over thirty would get hard being around super skinny “females” with a body of a ten year old boy. Unless they have a certain illness which is a serious issue, or are hiding who they truly are. With C. I think it’s the second one.

So many professional men and women have to hide being transgender, transsexual or homosexual. It shouldn’t be this way. A human should never be judged on that. Ever. The ones judging, the ones thinking it is not normal, or whatever else are the ones who are not normal and have a problem, as they create the problem without there being one in the first place.

Life and let life. Enjoy life! BE YOU!



The accident has happened over six weeks ago now, but I still suffer from pain and discoloration. This is only on the outside though, the inside is damaged too. I wasn’t scared of anything, now I dislike leaving the house even more than usual but not due to the people out there, but because I don’t want someone do even more damage. I dislike walking, and driving, especially when other vehicles get close, even there is still enough room and space.

I’m in constant pain, and had no relaxation as after all I couldn’t go on holiday as planned, and wasn’t able to attend the convention and meet lovely people. Sure I am glad and thankful I didn’t suffer heavier injuries or worse, but still it really caused a lot of damage in so many ways.