So much to say….

So much to say but a lot of things are better left unspoken as either they would not be read in the right way or understood by many. Also the world has become so overly sensitive, and everyone is talking about freedom of speech and having your own opinion. but neither is really wanted or accepted if it isn’t in line with their own.

Most things I have said have been proven many years later.  There is nothing but the truth coming from me, I keep it real, but honesty and keeping it real is too much to handle for he majority. Most prefer to be a sheep following in the herd than think for themselves. They prefer to follow, believe what the industry and media tells them. Prefer to have a smart phone and have an app do the “thinking” instead of being individual and doing their own thing. Even create.

I still value the old traits, honesty, reliability, respect and courtesy, which sadly have come rare in this world these days. I keep being told I am too smart and expect too much of people. because I think this way and have values, but most don’t even get where I am coming from.

I also believe in “silence is golden” therefore, this will be the last blog entry I make. With that I wish you all farewell. Enjoy the silence. 

Of course I am still around on Twitter.