>Spells & Practices<

Of course magic does not happen as it does in most books or films (don’t we all wish it would at times). Mostly magic is used for health and wellbeing.

Insomnia Bath (if you suffer from Insomnia):

1. Gently warm goat’s/sheep’s milk (as in counting sheep)
2. Blend in the almond extract with several drops of lavander oil into the warm milk so that the smell pleases you
3. Add this to the warm bath before bedtime and relax

NOTE – its power depends on the amount of milk you use..

Aid recovery from illness:

You will need:
Three teacups of milk
Six nettle leaves (preferably fresh)
One yellow candle
One gold candle
One orange candle

Milk contains magical properties, which can restore and revitalise. Warm the milk in a pan with the nettle leaves. Strain the nettles, run a bath and pour in the milk potion. Arrange the candles (which represent the Wiccan colours of healing) around the bath and light them. Recite these words:

“Let others see me healthy and well, let me shine with radiant grace.
Surround my being with healing light, let the angels bless my space. So mote it be.”

Relax in the bath for at least half an hour, then blow out the candles.

Positive thinking when ill

You will need:
A few drops of lavender oil
Three small magnets

Massage the lavender oil into the area of the body that needs healing and place the small magnets on it. If your illness is more widespread, place one magnet in the centre of your forehead, one four inches above your navel and one just below the navel (these are important energy centres, or chakras). Close your eyes and meditate for a few minutes, then recite three times:

“Angel goddess, beauteous light, magnetic power comes into sight. Draw upon the moon for me, to banish pain, so mote it be.”

Boosting energy

You will need:
A clear quartz crystal
Nine fresh mint leaves
A cotton wool ball

Clear quartz crystal will draw out tiredness, so carry one with you at all times, while mint has healing powers and can be used to make an energy-boosting potion. Place the mint leaves in a glass of water and leave for at least two hours. At bedtime, dip the cotton wool ball in water, run it across your forehead and say:
“Exhaustion and weariness leave me now, radiant health bestow my brow. Vigour is mine and soon will show, energy, strength and get-up-and-go.”

Make this fresh mint potion every third day, and carry out the spell for at least four weeks for maximum benefits.

Spell for good health

First of all, cast a circle. After finished doind that, place the white candle in a north facing position, then the three red candles in the positions of east, south, and west.
Try to concentrate your energy at this point towards being healthier, if you have anything paticular in mind regarding improving your health think about it now, and correcting it.

Then chant once:
”May my limbs not be sore, may my body ache no more. May health be with me to my very core, let my body be cleansed of illness, let it no longer be torn.
Let my body be healthy, clean, and full of energy, it is my will so mote it be.”

At this point extinguish the three red candles, reflect on your objectives, extinguish the white candle, then close the circle.

Stop smoking

You will need:
One cigarette
A fireproof dish
A white candle

Break the cigarette into pieces, crumbling the tobacco, and put this into a fireproof dish. Write your name on a piece of paper 10 times and place it in the dish. Now light a white candle and set fire to the contents of the dish, reciting this mantra:
“Habits burn, I deem as true, let the ashes burn green and blue. Rid my being of all that’s bad, bring back the strength that I once had.”

When the contents of the dish have cooled, bury them in a plant pot outside your front door. This symbolises your rejection of this negative habit. Repeat this spell every day for as long as you like, and feel those cravings fade away.


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