Unfortunately there is too much misery in this world today and too many people are full of hatred and do everything they can to hurt others and make someone else’s life a misery. Vengance should not be up to the individual but to Karma and nature, yet we can’t help but feel distraught, hurt or even angry when one does us harm.

Now the tool of a warlock like me can be blessings to those who are amazing to us and treat us with the respect we should all treat each other, and then there are curses for those who do us wrong and use us as doormats. A curse can be highly powerful and effective, but of course are very dependent on the skill, knowledge and experience of the witch/warlock casting them.

A curse is putting will and intent behind the harm of another. Most of the time it is not possible to have something specific happen to the person but basically it is placing bad energy onto them so that things that will hurt them, that will harm them will be happening to them.

The purpose behind writing a curse is to focus will in intent and specific visualisation of the harm that you wish to have inflicted is as necessary in a curse as it is in any other type of magic. You should also remember that if you cast a curse, you cannot call it back… make sure that you want to do the harm and that you are willing to own that harm.

If I’m going to create a curse for a specific reason and thus a specific person, it is my intention to do the maximum damage possible in the shortest period of time. If this results in illness or even death, so be it. If a person has earned my ire to the point where I find a curse necessary, whether that person lives or dies is of little concern. I have used many curses with differing results, but each and every curse that I have cast has worked.

Curses are a very functional and highly effective means of putting your enemies down for the count. We are first of all human if we are magical practitioners or not, and as such we all have enemies. If they find us to be wishy-washy, deluded to believe in harmlessness and goodness and light, unable or unwilling to protect ourselves, we become easy victims. I am not a victim. I will not roll over for anyone who demeans my character, my spirituality or my self-worth.

I ask you then, do you have value and self-worth that is worth standing up and fighting for? If it is worth fighting for, is it not worth using every tool in your bag? For myself I have decided enough is enough, I am not allowing anyone to bully me, put me down or use me as their doormat again and I am going to use any means possible to protect myself and my loved ones with all the power I can master.


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