>About Draco<

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift that’s why they call it the present!

“I’m not weird, I’m Limited Edition!”

Most of you only know me as the Draco impersonator / cosplayer so here is a little bit more about myself
“Hello…, my name is Draco… and let me tell you.. I am DIFFERENT!  I can be loud and crazy but sometimes very quiet as well. I do a lot of thinking and analysing. In case you wonder, the name Draco has kind of stuck with me since 2000 when I first started cosplaying, and because I love Dragons. Basically sort of become my common nickname.”

“I’m what you may call an Introvert.”

“I’m a very spiritual person, into magic and am a warlock or pagan as some prefer to call it. Of course magic does not work like in some stories, I wish it would at times LOL. A lot can be achieved with believing and energy though and there is a lot more between heaven and earth then some think there is or would like to believe. I do believe in Karma and the power of thoughts as well as Astral travels. The eyes really are the mirror to someone’s soul and I sense someone’s Aura.”

“Well there are people who think they have to bring others down to make themselves better, they got to me a lot, not anymore though as I know now that people like that usually are the ones with issues, and a lot of bullying is being driven by jealousy. Beat the bullies!”

“Accept your own and be yourself” would soon be something I had to follow in order to feel relieved from that pressure and those thoughts.

“Life, People, Problems and Happiness change me every day. I am moving on. Nobody said it would be easy. I just keep reminding myself, that in order to experience HAPPINESS, you must experience SADNESS. There is never a bad decision. You always learn from every step you take.”

“I’m trying to live the way I think is right and good for me. It may be difficult for others to understand, but if there’s something that only I can decide about, then it must be how I want to live MY life!”

I mostly love my solitude and stay indoors, I hate leaving the house at times, due to the negativity, ignorance and rudeness that seems to be the majority out there at the moment. I do enjoy the good things in life such as music, performing/acting, dancing, cosplay, photography, reading, poetry, spending time with my friends and family, and horse-riding. Some of you who are lucky to know me know that I used to cosplay a lot and have been in shows and on TV with it, but I am not really doing this anymore. I still enjoy attending some Conventions once in a while of course.

Eminem is one of the most important people in my life, without him and my mother I would probably not be around anymore. He has helped me through so much and made me cope with things, as much as coping with them is possible at least.

I am also what you could call a Harry Potter expert. Having read the books numerous times and watching the movies I have analysed them a lot and enjoy participating in workshops or holding a discussion round about the great works of a great author named J. K. Rowling.

Something I really don’t understand is jealousy and hatred between one another. We are all humans, we all have different taste, likes and views of things. Jealousy is a real disease and spread so wildly over the past few years it is a real shame. Just be happy for one another, enjoy what you got, embrace your life, health, friends and all the good things you got. Don’t take yourself and/or life too serious, there are more important things out there

I have fallen and crawled out of many rabbit holes and I’m sure there will be many more to come, but bring them on is what I say now!

Pure honesty and sarcasm is what you get from me. I don’t sugar-coat, I don’t beat around the bush. I am who I am. Simple.

Blessed be ~


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