Questions and Answers

Life has so many questions yet so little answers.  

Sometimes it seems as if you get nowhere, or even taking steps backwards when you move forward and give it all you can to reach your destination, the goal you set for yourself. Then it seems everyone else gets everything laid out for them, but nothing ever is for you. You got to climb wall after wall, carry weight after weight on your shoulders, whilst others around you seem to have springs under their steps.

It is reality, some have it easier, through money or knowing the right people, but they may have other struggles and issues even they may not admit to them. Hardly anyone is truly happy or satisfied with their life, yet some chose to pretend and are better at pretending and lying to themselves as well as everyone else than others 

Stop looking at what others have. Make your choices, find your path and be happy with what you achieve and got. It is your life, not anyone else’s.


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