We have a beautiful summer this year and I’m glad to have sunshine and warmth, even I’m a Vampire and don’t go right into the sun, and the brightness isn’t my favourite. I am so grateful we have more than two days summer this year. Everything looks more beautiful. Sunshine makes such a better and happier mood. Summer is way too short but at least we have real seasons so far this year, we had a nice winter, few months spring and now summer. Not like the last years where it was mostly wet and miserable and around the same degrees on the majority of days throughout the year.

Still people can’t cope, they are more idiotic than usual as soon as the sun comes out, it’s a scary thing. Even less considerate and their mind seems fried.

The clothes some wear on the streets during that season is rather shocking though. Makes me laugh too how some thing wearing hardly anything is helping them cope with the heat, when it is not. Why do you think people who live in hot Countries wear long, wide cut clothes out of light and airy garments? I sweat much less in my thin blue jeans than those wearing shorts and that. *smiles*

Now I put some ravemusic on and dance with a smile on my face, enjoying the beautiful, sunny Sunday after having a great Saturday yesterday.


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