Being smart

Having a brain that hardly ever shuts off, analyzing and even psychoanalyzing the world all the time is making one lonely these days, as being truly smart isn’t always seen as such. Trying to relate to people who have no idea what one is talkign about, giving you that look and feel of being mentally unstable or whatever else they may think of one.

When actually one simply realized that conforming to the mass population’s process of thoughts would be a complete waste of time, brain cells and energy. Sadly the majority of the population is so narrow-minded that they assume only someone having sucessfully completed courses on paper, or speaking various languages is smart. Fact is, if I would have went to University I would have done just as well if not even better as most there.

Only because I think different, am random, bizarre and yes even weird in a positive way, short everything that isn’t class “normal” (whereas the question here arises, what is normal anyway?) they think I’m stupid or whatever. It’s always shocking to see how many strangers out there assume they know someone, when in fact they have no clue. No time was spent enough to even remotely near enough know someone, yet they judge. They make up a picture inside their heads, based on their own narrow-mindness and malfunctions and perpetrate them onto the other person.

Because they aren’t as honest, open and friendly they can’t understand someone else is. Because someone is smart and speaks wise words they can’t follow or understand, they judge them as being different would be such a bad thing.

We are all individuals, humans, and therefore should be able to be that, individual! Too many humans are sheep these days, following the media, believing everything the industry tells them. They think they know someone if they have seen pictures on the internet, or read one statement or comment by them.

Some people may act and react very different as to yourself in certain situation or subjects due to their past experiences and knowledge. If society only had half an open mind as they claim they do they would not judge as quickly and wrongly as they do, and would accept certain people’s personalities as they are!


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