Ignorance and aggression

It’s really a sad and scary development to see how aggressive and ignorant people have become. It started with the millennium and has gone worse since.

Politeness and manners are free. It used to be the case that one with a bad attitude and mouth was standing out, these days kind and friendly people are the ones rare and standing out. It’s shocking. 

Same on the roads, too much road rage. Hardly anyone keeps to the speed limit. Yes it is annoying at times, and does not make sense but it’s there for one reason or another. Keeping no safety distance or overtaking someone going the speed limit, or even 10 km over it is clearly unnecessary. 

The rise of negativity and trying to put others down, to feel better about themselves has increased to a scary level too. 

It’s really sad to see how things have developed the past fifteen years and I really wonder where this all will lead to within the next five years. 


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