So, I am the freak?

It took me a long time but I finally got there. It’s not me, it really is YOU.

People are too quick to judge these days anyway, we all know that, yet some seem to forget that pointing a finger at someone always has three pointing back at them. What you call into the universe, is being answered, and if you spread negativity then negativity will surround you.

I always tried to “change” and “adapt” to please people around me but never lost myself in it, I always remained me. I don’t do fake! Can’t stand it.

Yet, it always seemed that the fakes and crazies got further and I was left out. I always asked myself “what is wrong with me?”

Some people I meet along the way at Conventions or private gatherings get along with me fine when we meet, they even want to stay in touch, ask for my e-mail, number, Twitter, whatever. I hand it out if I like them and would like to stay in touch too. Then once being back home there is nothing or I am blank out ignored. Why do you say you want to stay in touch and are going to follow on Twitter if you won’t? Why do you claim you liked the presents and will post pics of you wearing them if you don’t? Why do you ignore those that clearly only mean well for you and truly like you no matter of your occupation, because yes, realities check, it is just that: an occupation! No if I wouldn’t like these people I wouldn’t care at all as I don’t need to have a large circle of people in my life, but if you find someone that is on the same wave length or you just get along so well right away as if you have known each other for a while, that’s when it bothers me when no reaction comes afterwards.

I wondered what it could be seeing nothing happened and I did nothing wrong. If I like someone I am caring, supportive and want the best for them.

All you get with me is that. ME. I am honest, genuine, reliable, caring, positive and have a good time. I laugh and live, without the need of alcohol or other things. If surrounded by good energy a good time comes natural.

I even wondered if it is because you aren’t as open as you seemed, that you DO have a problem with accepting me for the MAN I am just because my biological body is not incline with that. Now if that is the case then again it is not me that should ask “what is wrong with me” but you. Seeing the one with the problem is that, the one with the problem.

So, if being good fun, genuine, honest, speaking one’s mind, caring, supportive and entertaining as well as having a heart of gold is being a freak, then I would like to know: WHAT DOES IT MAKE YOU?

So Charlie, I have been supportive and backing you since 6 years, but since 3 years all I get is being ignored, no follow back and no replies. I kept sticking by you. Guess what? NO MORE because it’s NOT me it is YOU!

Cameron, even you are almost half my age we got along well, I could have easily “adopted” you as a little brother. We were totally on one wave length. But you never stayed in touch as you said you would, never followed, never sent the photos. You don’t want my support either it seems as first it was a “would love to”, then having someone say for you “too busy” and again no further reply. Well, YOUR LOSS and one day you this realization will hit. So guess what? NO MORE because it’s NOT me, it’s YOU!

JR – I never knew who you were until last year, you were a cool bloke I met. You said you’d follow me to stay in touch and never did. Well have a nice life!

All I can give is ME as I am. Not good enough? Then you are not good enough to be any more of my well wishes and positive energy.

To everyone: A person is a person and should be accepted as such. No matter if their gender equals their soul or not. Transgender or not, male, female, big, tall, short, small, hetero, gay, what does it matter? A human being is a human being – accept them for the PERSON they are. You either get along with someone or not, but do not judge anyone for being human!


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