Bella Italia

Being back in Italy for a short holiday has helped me to wind down and get some rest at last. It was only a week and it takes about ten hours to drive to the area I was at but so worth it.

Beautiful landscape, lovely people, great food and a lot of nature and fresh air. We went to an old mountain village where only one road leads up to to have it quiet and that we did. It was good to be away from the phone and computer for a whole week too.

Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio, Emilia Romagna are all so very beautiful. Loving old buildings, middle age stuff, castles and that I truly enjoyed seeing lots of these.

Visited Volterra again, which was too packed for my liking again but I like that small City, down to Grosseto and Orbitello and visited Montepulciano with it’s amazing views.

I miss it already but it will be a few years until I return seeing I want to see other places too and have yet to return to Orlando to see all my friends and visit the Harry Potter World.

Now back to work and the daily routines, back to stress, rude and hectic people and all that. *frowns*

No filters have been used on the pics, no work done on them except adding the copyright watermark.
View from my bedroom window:

View from my bedroom window



Tuscany 1


Volterra Volterra 1 Volterra 2


Montepulciano 1


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