Never make promises you don’t intend on keeping

Too many people say things these days just to make someone happy in that moment, yet forget that if they don’t follow through it can cause a lot of pain. Why do you say you are going to do something if you don’t follow through with it? Why make promises you don’t even intend to keep? It’s better to say nothing at all then giving someone hope but hurt them by ignoring them.

Sure, some are busy and not able to do something as soon as they think they may be able to, but if they have the time to be on for others and do then and there what they said they were going to do for you, then it is clear and obvious they aren’t going to keep the promise they made to you/

When someone has respect and manners, and doesn’t pester or cling on you, it does not mean they are less interested than those that do, it just shows they are a kind person with exactly that, respect and manners. Just saying.

Also someone may be in a similar business or used to work in that environment, so isn’t thinking or treating you any different because you are just a “normal person like everyone else” to them, which isn’t a bad thing at all. Ever thought about that?


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