Retiring Draco Slytherin Student

Last year I have decided that I will retire my Draco Malfoy cosplay after Ring*Con. It’s been over a decade now, and I simply feel that I can’t get away with playing a student aged wizard any longer. My infamous robes have found a new good home already and I’m grateful they did.

I have both very good and very bad memories during the Malfoy Cosplay years, the bad ones really made me astonished how far people go, over someone simply dressing up as a fictional character having a good time. The good memories will stay with me forever, including the lovely people I have met over the years.

Yes I will still cosplay and go to Conventions but not as much anymore, even I still enjoy them most times even with my claustrophobia and panic attacks with crowds.

It is funny how I get away with and make a very good Vampire that was changed being only thirteen, but then again people in the days he was turned didn’t get much past thirty so I guess you did look fairly adult with thirteen, and he is a Vampire since a while. *laughs*

Here are some photos as Draco Malfoy over the years, simply for the memories.













For now it’s still up so feel free to like the facebook page:


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