Great weekend – Birmingham

So it has already been two weeks ago now that the weekend in Birmingham happened. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I don’t like Twilight at all (except the Volturi) but went anyway as a few of the people I used to see at Cons whilst I was living in England went, and I met some lovely people over the internet that went. I must say I was impressed with how welcoming they were even with me not liking their fandom. 

The trip was a blast! It really was worth every penny and time spent on it. I have been longing for a good time and fun weekend since a while and this was definitely it. Goes without saying that it went way too quick.

I have met some amazing people and been proven there are still a very few youngsters left with a good mind and maturity in them. 

The only downside was our flight being cancelled but lucky to me having already checked in online and checking on it a few hours later, we managed to get transferred to the 6 am flight, the only one going out that day before the strike, but this meant no sleep. Thanks to Cameron for staying up too though and keeping me company through that. I have recovered from the lack of sleep after a week. Never been one to pull all nighters LOL.
If I could I would do it all over again. Now here is to the next adventure, which won’t be that far away. I will make sure I will have one weekend like that within eight weeks. It doesn’t have to be a convention or anything expensive but just gathering with a friend or two and have a blast. 




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