Ring*Con and Harry Potter Exhibition

After being absent from Ring*Con for three years now I felt it was time I had to go again and see some old mates. After reading the last years reviews and hearing what people thought of it, I braced myself for some changes, but was looking forward to my weekend in Bonn.

As there were no guests that I wanted to meet, I did not purchase a ticket but went to hang out in the main Foyer on the Friday night and Saturday. I wanted to party on Friday, as the Friday parties used to be brilliant, but it didn’t happen this year. Nothing happened until 9.30 p.m. there wasn’t even party music playing, the dance floor was empty. They played music what usually is played to throw everyone out, showing it’s time to go. So at 9:40 p.m. we called it a night and went to our own hotel to have a party of our own for a bit, but not too long as we had an early start ahead the next morning

We (my best friend and me) were excited to head to the Harry Potter Exhibition and dressed up in Cosplay, then drove the short distance from Bonn to Cologne. It was great as it wasn’t that packed yet, a good choice to go early. I must admit I did expect a bit more form the Exhibition itself, but it was interesting to see some costumes and props, and being able to throw some Quaffles I still had a great time, and spending the day with my bestie who dressed up as Pansy was adding to that

After the Exhibition we headed back to Bonn for the Ring*Con and it was great! The atmosphere was how I remembered it from the earlier years, and it was great to see familiar faces again and have a good chat even after all those years. It’s funny how you seem to get along with people there, and you only really see each other at the Convention every year, but never really stay in touch otherwise. I really should ask some of them for their E-Mail addresses or Twitter accounts next year. *node to self*
They changed the date for the next Ring*Con slightly and will hold it over the Halloween weekend, which I think is a great idea, and I sure will be back in Bonn in 2015.

Here are some impressions from last weekend (17 + 18 Oct 2014):


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