Yes I admit I suffer from it, as well as from a mild form of ADHD and OCD. A lot of us do, some don’t want to admit it, some don’t recognize it.

Now, what really gets to me are those that don’t understand it’s an illness. The one’s that go “Snap out of it” or “Life isn’t fair” or “We all have bad days.” They have no idea!

Just the other day one of my colleagues and mates told me that the night before one of his mates shot himself in the head. He wasn’t drunk they tested that. His girlfriend leaving may have been the last trigger the person needed. No one knows. He was always helpful, caring and there for others.

I urge everyone to try and understand people, don’t judge as everyone behaves in a way for a reason. The other thing is, those that usually are the most friendly and giving are the ones with the darkest holes inside them. Depression is an illness, it’s not a phase!


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