A new beginning

So once again it will be a new beginning for me. Closing one chapter moving on to another. I have a new job starting in a few weeks.

Sadly it isn’t working with artists as the people I used to work for are no longer in charge, and record Companies were purchased by larger ones, or just don’t exist anymore, then there is that globalizing. It isn’t in acting either, even I was born for it.

It will be a much smaller office than I am working at now, less people so therefore I really hope it will be a long lasting one, and one I enjoy. It did sound the best offer I had in a long while, so I really am looking forward to the change. Only time will tell of course if it is anything like it sounded, but I am sure I will keep you posted.

So no more “Mr wannabe important meddling in everyone’s things because I think I am the JR. Boss but thick as.” , no more “I was a Solicitor (Lawyer) so I am much better than everyone else and know the partner so don’t have to work much and it’s fine to go under the line and insult everyone and everything all day”, and no more “I have an alcohol problem but would never admit it, and I think I am the greatest” moody cow.


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