TWhy is it that when it comes to history everyone is still so sensitive when Hitler come sup. Yes it has been terrible that he did, but he did not only do terrible things, he also created good things like the motorway and other things.

Germany is being milked, even now 70 years later for those things. It’s not right and not on. Germany needs to move away from this and stop putting that shoe on. Germans are allowed to be proud of their Country like other Countries too. No one should still pay for things that happened that long ago. It is HISTORY! A lot of terrible things happened throughout history.

TA lot of terrible things are still happening today which are much worse. Why are those nations not as condemned? People are having body parts cut off ALIVE for doing a mistake. People are being killed for being gay/lesbian or different. People are being tortured for being from a different Country or believing in a different religion. This is much more cruel and happening today. People should have learned from history.

So everyone stop being so sensitive about a certain part of history, WW2 and Hitler. It is history! Stop banning items to do with it, or get all hyped up when someone dresses up as a soldier from that time period!


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