Being an introvert I think different to most others out there anyway. I prefer being within my own world and enjoy my solitude, needless to say I am glad whenever I am back home from work. I have days I don’t want to deal with people at all, but sadly it’s not an option due to work.

The aggression people show these days however are something that makes it even harder. Seriously it is very horrible to see how bad words and name calling is happening for no reason really, and how inconsiderate and rude people have become.

Two examples.

1: A woman with her buggy stands on the sidewalk, blocking the whole of it and it is a wide sidewalk. You say jokingly “Typically women, stopping in the middle of the way, blocking it all up.” and she looks up calling you very bad names, besides her small child. Is such a thing really necessary? I would have replied “Sorry, but indeed I am good at parking myself in the way all the time.” or something humerous like that, both would have laughed and moved on.

2: A lady walks down the stairs from a shop right on the sidewalk, looking at her phone and not checking who is coming. Could have been a child on a bike riding downhill too. I said “please check where you are walking lady.” and she was like “now what, so?” and something else I didn’t catch in a very rude tone. After getting into the car, where her boyfriend or husband was waiting they drove by really slow and shouted abusive things, which I ignored and didn’t pay attention too.

I can’t understand such rudeness, and the use of abusive language for no reason really and it worries me how aggressive and inconsiderate people are these days. I really hope there is a change in this trend again, before manslaughter will happen a few times a day on a much larger scale than it sadly is happening already.


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