Why does he still matter?

I know very well someone that doesn’t care about me shouldn’t matter at all. I usually don’t run after people, if someone has no interest I turn around and forget about them pretty soon, but this guy really keeps creeping up. He ignores me, and on most days I don’t think about him and don’t care, but some random day he just is stuck in my mind. I can’t get rid. It is weird. I mean we talked before he became who he is now on a Forum sharing the same interest in a sport. We emailed a bit but then it stopped, probably because of us both moving and doing our own things. I met him without knowing who he is, we got along great but I was rather busy so couldn’t spend much time with him. I met him again a year later, again we got along great, but there was little time again. Some signs appeared and I realized it is that dude I talked to on the Forum all these years ago. Funny how things happen in life sometimes. Shame however he seems to be totally shallow now, being into awful skinny and immature teens whilst having hit the 30 a few years back.  

I don’t want to think about him, I don’t really care about him, yet why does he keep appearing out of nowhere in my thoughts or dreams? I seem to Astral travel to him. The Universe seems to know about our souls being connected in a way I suppose, but it just won’t be happening. So, why does he still matter?  


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