The Evolution of Photography

Globe Drifting

‘Cutting through a photograph is like cutting through flesh’ comments photographer John Stezaker, remarking the sadistic nature of the voyeuristic art we term photography. Long has photography been hailed as a powerful educative force and an intriguing channel into all that has past; from silently uncovering the unfamiliar idiosyncrasies of our family members, to revealing the catastrophic journeys of natural disasters- the microscopic mechanism of a camera has given us eyes to zealously gaze over every crack and crevice that the world has offered us; yet perhaps we ought ask ourselves, should we ever have been given these eyes at all?

The photographer revels in the craftsmanship of his photographic art; a professional voyeur, he slides down alleyways and blunders through the streets with his camera, igniting the flames of narcissism, vanity, self-doubt and scopophilia in his wake. In the name of artistic creativity, he purports to present his frozen moments as morsels of reality, but…

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