Vienna 6-8 June 2014

So thanks to the lovely ladies organizing this I spent a weekend in Vienna with my best friend to attend a Con where I didn’t know the TV Shows nor the guests. Well okay I watched four episodes of one of the TV Shows because of a certain actor being in it, but I had and still have no idea what it is actually about, other than Vampires, Witches and Werewolves and I have had no interest in the other at all, as I have no interest in anything Werewolf. Truth said I have no interest in anything modern Vampire either, I just like the old school Vampire talk, where they fell to dust when sunlight hit and all that. It was also weird being a regular attendee at such a Convention, but an interesting experience all the same.

Arriving was easy, even it was a fully booked flight and I don’t like crowds but we managed to hide in not so crowded areas, got on last, as I always do when flying, and as it was only just over an hour managed well. The Taxi Service was waiting for us and we reached the hotel in no time. The rooms weren’t ready yet but we checked in already, left our luggage in the luggage room and went to queue up for check in. It started late, of course, but it was fun to see girls so excited about meeting their favourite actors already, even it wouldn’t be until the next day. There were quite a few Italians attending this event and seeing I love the Italian language I listened in on a lot of conversations just to hear the language. Whilst queuing my bestie and me had a lot of fun and laughter, and we soon fell in conversation with other attendees. After registration, which took three hours we went back to the reception to get our room. It was a bit smaller than I had expected a superior room to be in a four star hotel, but it was sufficient. Having a shower and changing into a pair of jeans and t-shirt I waited for my bestie whilst I styled my hair and we made it down to the bar. There was no real party going on, which I had found a bit disappointing, but we sat with two girls and started our own. It felt a bit weird being the only guy there, until another guy turned up and a few other girls so it wasn’t that bad anymore. The thing I love about conventions are that everyone is accepted as they are, tall, short, skinny, large, straight, gay, transgender, it doesn’t matter there at all, the way it should be everywhere everyday really.

We decided to head to bed not too late as there was a party from the Convention the next night so we would probably miss out on sleep anyway the next two nights. Sadly the air-condition in the hotel decided to turn on by itself every other hour or so, which meant no sleep for me. I have sleeping issues anyway, and much worse when laying in a strange bed and room the first night, but this didn’t help. Grumpy I got up the next morning and was looking forward to breakfast, which was great at that place. They even had a chef making pancakes, scrambled eggs or whatever you wanted out of eggs and quite a choice of ingredients like herbs, bacon and so on. We took time in breakfast as we didn’t have to be at the opener for the convention not being really interested in it all so most people had already left the breakfast room, which was perfect as I don’t like crowded places, especially not whilst trying to eat. Going back to the room to brush teeth and get ready for our cosplay. Seeing it was a Vampire/Werewolf convention we decided to cosplay the evil Twins from Twilight. My best friend like myself don’t like Twilight, but the Volturi are rather fun, and it would be better fitting than nothing at all, at least we thought, but come to find there were hardly any cosplayers at all at this convention, which was a first for me to witness. We didn’t mind however. Even it was hot and sunny I wore all black and long sleeves and the cloak. It wasn’t that bad or I had taken it off, but we have been recognized as the people we cosplayed which was a win. The only panel we sat through thoroughly was the one by Nathaniel Buzzolic as he seems like a genuine, life loving guy and the replies he has given to his fans were pretty friendly and interesting. The convention was held in an area of the hotel built totally out of glass in the shape of a pyramid so it was a bit warm in there, so Fans were organised for the stage. Over the course of the weekend a lot of actors and fans were sweating and complaining about the heat a lot.

We just sat through a few minutes of each of the other panels, seeing we didn’t know the actors or the shows so had no idea what they talked about but wanted to see how they were. With the tickets we had we had 2 photos inclusive so we decided to have them taken to have them out of the way, and it would be much busier the next day, as Saturdays usually are, especially as day tickets were sold for that day as well. We had a lovely day and went to the shopping centre after to get some more water and dinner. The party wasn’t the theme it had been anticipated but I was glad as the music was pretty good and I was dancing away. We had a lovely night before heading to bed again to do it all again on Saturday, well minus the cosplay, we changed to be Demetri and Heidi Volturi, with me wearing only a shirt from the middle earth era to my black jeans. I think I would have melted away in anything warmer that day.

I did miss half of the convention day due to a private appointment on that day which I have combined whilst being in Vienna, which went much better than I thought and put me in a good mood for the rest of the day. I was very anxious beforehand as I wasn’t quite sure what to expect and how it would end. We strolled through the convention area a few times, talked to some people we kept seeing there, and had a lovely day. Getting to meet JR Bourne was interesting as I had never heard of him but he was a very friendly man, and we had a good chat. He told me a few Horror movies which I had not seen yet so should watch, one of which I already did and loved it. There was another party that night and Captain Morgan arrived with three sexy girls to hand out free Captain Morgans with coke. Lovely! The evening was made. Whilst I was dancing, drinking and chatting it wasn’t long before I was shocked to see how the majority of the visitors behaved. The actors attended the party and were treated like animals in a Zoo. The females threw themselves over tables, pushed and shoved just to get a look and a few photos of the small VIP Area the guests sat at. Once they came out they surrounded them like vultures, it was dreadful. Naturally they left after half an hour, and so did the girls. The party was sparely visited after that, but this only meant much more space to dance for me. We headed to bed at 2 a.m. tired but laughing.

Waking up way too early on the Sunday, at 8 a.m. we reluctantly got out of bed to get ready for breakfast. Feeling a little unwell but that comes with lack of sleep over the course of three nights. After a good breakfast I felt better, off to another day at the Pyramid, even we didn’t see one Panel as we rather talked and sat in the entrance area above. Later that evening my best friend and I took some silly photos and had a laugh with some of the ladies we got along well with there. Again I was the only guy but it wasn’t too bad really 😉

Monday came all too fast as the weekend had been a much needed fun weekend away, the Convention being totally secondary, we made our way to the airport after breakfast to head home. The flight was crowded again, which was expected with the Monday being a bank holiday, but again getting on last and all it wasn’t too bad. Arriving back home was dull as my best friend had to leave almost right away again to head home to her husband and kids. I wasn’t too happy with her driving being tired like that, but sadly she had no other option. She made it home safe and sound and I spent the rest of the day cleaning up and having an early night.


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