Sensibility and hate

I have long said the social media is anything but social but it has gone really bad the past few years. People, especially the youth, has gone so sensible and so hateful. Whatever happened to freedom of speech and opinions? It has always been the nature of human beings to agree or disagree. Usually disagreements lead to interesting conversations about pros and contras. These days however everything is just turned into hate, and leads to fights and attacks. WHY?

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and freedom of speech, as long as it isn’t bashing anyone, hateful, discriminating or racist, no one should start a fight. If you disagree simply close the profile, or state your reasons for liking something, if handled mature and with conversation it can be a pretty interesting chat indeed.

Sensibility is another thing that I don’t get. If someone states something, or posts something in general, why do some get so butt hurt about it, or start drama because they don’t like it? Some feel personally attacked by someone posting something totally general or what they have seen or read elsewhere, not even saying if they agree or disagree with it. It really has become a nasty habit and trait on people, and sadly it is mainly the younger generation who seem to do it. Drama is created out of nothing, some enjoy making an elephant out of a small fly, it is rather annoying to say the least.

Live and let life, always be positive. If you don’t like something, ignore it or move on, don’t hate, don’t attack people over posting something you disagree with, everyone is entitled to their opinion and free speech on their own profile.

Please don’t misunderstand this does not mean people are to post nasty or hateful things, those are never needed or wanted anywhere.


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