It has been three months…

It has been three month since the accident, I still have major problems and the driver’s insurance still didn’t inform of anything or even paid. This system is ridiculous! I will be scarred for life too inside and out, yet keep being stomped on. The solicitor can’t do much else either, so he says. If I could afford it I would just try another. This most certainly is not right, especially as I have no fault at all in any of this.

Others ride their bike on the wrong side, between cars, cross roads on red traffic lights, drive like maniacs, so if such people would have to wait if anything happened to them FINE but I am a VERY sensible bike rider, I crossed the crossing having GREEN light going straight ahead, the woman did NOT look before she turned left! *Le sigh*

This is how my legs still look now after three months… that scar will stay forever, just like the ones inside.



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