The modern world…

Maybe it is being an introvert that I struggle to adapt to the modern world, or maybe I just don’t want to. I really dislike the superficial ways that have developed over the past few years, the fakeness and being judged without being known personally.

The internet for example. It used to be great, now I am not so sure anymore. When I first had AOL (I used to be NSYNCBEE) on my Mac I was still on the road with bands, so chatting on AOL was a great way to meet people without them wanting to use me for information, pretend to be my friend for the “inside scoop” which I didn’t share anyway as my values are high on confidentiality and trust. I met lovely people from all over the world in AOL chats, we were just screen-names, there were no webcams back then and no digital cameras. Now people spread thing son social networks, claim strangers are their friends, post pics of everything since there are digital cameras. NO chats are fun anymore as the first question is always “do you cam?” People don’t want to get to know someone anymore, it’s all about looks and very superficial. One day you are best friends, a week later you barely remember the online handle, facebook page or Twitter name. It really is a shame. The word “friend” and “love” is used way to easy these days too, a friend isn’t just anyone you meet, and smiles at you, a friend is someone that is there for you, likes you for you, keeps your secrets, tells you the truth, that someone you can TRUST. Love is deep, you love a person unconditionally. Otherwise it is just likeness or a crush. People take “selfies” just before bed, or after getting up, yet wear make up, pose, and used an image editing software. Why? Be real! Be truthful! Be yourself!

Photos used to be precious moments, you had a film in your camera and pressed the button when there was a moment to capture, when you met someone special or had a fun time with your friends. When you traveled you captured those amazing places. These days a photo doesn’t mean much anymore, everything is captured even the breakfast, lunch and dinners, a shoe, a stone. Images of someone are taken to humiliate them online, to bully. Videos are being snapped when doing a criminal offence. Why? I really don’t get it. It’s really very sad.

I also dislike the speed and noise level in which everything has to be done. No one takes time for their friends, family and themselves anymore, everything must be open, reachable, there 24/7. Why? Shops used to be open 9 a.m. til 6 p.m. and everyone managed, Saturdays 8 a.m. til 1 p.m. People had jobs then, and an income to spend it, as the cost of living was still affordable too. Rents were 1/3 of your Net income, the way it should be, not 50-75% of it as it is now.

People were still doing things, work was carried out, now everything has to be automated, and much more noisy, it also needs to be done quickly. Why? When god made time he made lots of it!

People are more aggressive than ever before, more tired, suffer from more illnesses, just STOP and take some TIME out again, switch that phone off, unwind.


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