It’s Christmas time again, and as every year people act as if it just appeared out of nowhere. There is stress on what to get, what to give and spending way too much money for materialistic things. The time is always when most fights happens, and many suicides. Many don’t even know the true meaning of Christmas anymore.

Christmas shouldn’t be about presents, causing some to be in sorrow as they can’t afford anything. It is meant to be the time of JOY, altruism, love and the grace that love creates. Of course it originates with Jesus being born, but you don’t have to be a strict Christian to celebrate the “real” Christmas. Be joyful, spend time with your family and loved ones whilst you still have them. It’s not about presents, it’s about spending time with people that matter to you, be it family, relatives or friends.

Christmas always happens at the very same time of the year, you got twelve months to prepare for it, don’t always leave it last minute, don’t think it is about material things and presents. Don’t force yourself to see people on these days just because you think you have to, spend time with those you like and care about. It should be the time of taking time out, be at inner peace, be joyful.

On this note, Merry Christmas everyone.


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