The modern world

I really struggle with the world since a few years. I really don’t like this fast paced, superficial environment. I miss the days where people still had manners, courtesy, greeted another, had respect for others.

My accident was only one small prove of how inconsiderate and selfish people have become, and not caring about anyone else out there anymore.

The same can be said for property, so much is being vandalized for no apparent reason, there is just no respect or appreciation in most humans anymore, it’s horrible to witness.

Another thing is the short life span of things now, everything is done cheaply but sold for a ridiculous profit, and nothing can be repaired anymore, it’s all just to be thrown away, from a small phone to a washing machine.

Quality of food has gone downhill, why do things need to be taken around the world a few times, what happened to local production and selling, it would be cheaper, and healthier! Sugar or fat free is NOT healthy, it contains sweeteners, aspartame, which kills you slowly, and is proven to give you cancer, and saccharin, again chemical sweeteners among other chemicals to get some sort of taste into it. Why are people so concerned about others looks and weight, care about yourself, become a beautiful person on the inside first, it is what should truly matter, again this is only proof of how superficial and careless the human race has become.

I try not to be infected and keep my positivity and healthy way of living, but sometimes, sadly it can’t be avoided, after all I need to leave the house to get to work daily. Besides that, I don’t head out often anymore, just to see lovely friends of mine, I do enjoy my solitude. A lot of people don’t understand this but it’s healthier and better, I don’t have to deal with less fakeness, negativity and stupidity that way after all.


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