Human or Monkey?

The fashion industry should rename itself into the Insecurity Industry! They push people to make money. No other reason! They want you to feel fat, ugly, boring, bland and worthless, just so ya feel ya NEED to buy their worthless products to make you feel ‘better’ or ‘prettier’.

Of course it feels nice to look good, but the industry doesn’t control what looks nice to whom. Everybody has their own likes and preferences. So what if you’re not skin and bones? There are people who like a look with a fuller figure.

I really wish more people would be true to themselves and not just follow and repeat words to look and seem ‘in with the media’. I wish more people could see through the pretentious rubbish that the fashion industry spews out. They survive by making people feel bad about themselves. Don’t let them dictate you!

P.S. A true fact: Size 0 is the weight and size of a 7 years old girl. So it is pretty clear that those who fancy this are pedos, as no real man or woman with a healthy mind would ever be able to get aroused by this.


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