Eminem – MMLP 2

So the Album is out officially today, and what can I say. I have listened to it three times in the past few days (yes I was lucky to get it a week before release) and must say the long wait was so worth it. The lyrics, the variety and the messages sent through his songs are genius once again.

Here’s the tracklist of my Deluxe Version:

1. Bad Guy

2. Parking Lot (Skit)

3. Rhyme Or Reason

4. So Much Better

5. Survival

6. Legacy

7. Asshole

8. Berzerk

9. Rap God

10. Brainless

11. String Than I was

12. The Monster

13. So Far

14. Love Game

15. Headlights

16. Evil Twin

17. Baby

18. Desperation (feat. Jamie N Commons)

19. Groundhog Day

20. Beautiful Pain (feat. Sia)

21. Wicked Ways


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