A pain which is You

All my life up until you
I’ve known only two types of pain;
external and internal
the first being physically wounded
and the latter inside your body
both of which are visible
and logically proven, you may say.

I grow up and I met you
you render me lovesick
pain doesn’t visit me
when I have you around
consequently you left
you taught me a new type of pain
one you can’t see
one you must feel.

It’s like you carved my heart
left it to bleed and slowly wither
but in actuality you didn’t
I know that because you didn’t touch me
and I can’t see the injury
but I felt it and it was so real
tried to heal it until it hit me
“heal it with what?”

I’ve come to know that I indeed
have been emotionally hurt
and it’s the type of pain
no medicine or surgery can cure
but time.


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