Eminem and Brussels, Belgium

So the time has come to head to Brussels to try and meet Eminem again. I got close two years ago in London and Belfast after all the bad luck I had in the past not able to see him, but not managed to get my photo. So seeing he came back to Europe I had to try my luck.

First coincidence, he stayed at a hotel just down the road from where  the hotel my friend and me stayed in was at, so that was lucky, even we looked for him in others first but that was a good thing as we saw lots of Brussels that way and had the best Belgian waffle ever.

Well we did get close, but he looked dreadful, very grey skin, no life in his eyes, and very much too skinny, I really worry about him. He did not want to take a photo, which I understood, even it was a shame as I have been trying since 1999 but I respect this, if I had looked like death, and probably felt unwell too I would not have wanted to have my photo taken either. He was very sweet however to sign us personal autographs. Those of you that know me know I don’t care much for autographs, but come on it’s Eminem and it was better than nothing right? I am glad I did say yes please now however as he wrote the most amazing message to me ever. Stay sweet. BOOM! So happy!

The Road Trip was fun and I am so glad I have a best friend again, with her it was even more fun. We also combined the trip to do a lot of promotion for Thunder Road of course and I hope that the goal to make this film is reached soon.  I now have an own link to pledge through me too for the promo work I do, even I think it is a bit too late as most people will already have used the kickstarter page direct now, but hey if anyone out there still want to help please use this link:   Crowdrise for Thunder Road  



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