Thunder Road Kickstarter

As posted a few days ago I fully support this new Kickstarter Project. Today I will give you a bit more information about it, and will update with what I get on July 31st when it officially launches. If you are unaware with kickstarter, it is a crowdfunding project, where the public decides if a movie happens or not. Film is an important form of entertainment but not all scripts that have been written will be published, so more and more independent film makers use crowdfunding to realise their projects.

This is something that has never been put on film in this way before.

There’s a small promo vid about this campaign too,
and more updates will follow on July 31st, the official launch of the kickstarter project.

If you are on facebook like their page Thunder Road Kickstarter

If you are on Twitter follow ASTORIA FILM CO.

This is taken from the official facebook page>
Did you know…most of THUNDER ROAD is based on real accounts from soldiers, veterans, doctors, PTSD clinicians and families across the USA, Canada and the UK? We have included actual military operations that have been thoroughly researched to bring you the most authentic experience from a combat zone and to further understand the growing epidemic of PTSD.



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