The poison within our food and drinks

It’s been a few years since I first said that the plastic is bad for us, and does poison our food and drink packed within. Also that Aspartame and Saccharin are sure killers. No one believed me, everyone said I was being paranoid and silly. I said well since I stopped buying plastics as much as I could, which isn’t easy as almost everything is packed in that crap thanks to the billion pound/dollar/euro empires, I managed to lose weight and my health improved a lot. I also stay away from Diet drinks and any food containing aspartame, again as good as I can as sadly it’s in so much it’s hard to stay away 100%.

Now the other day there has been this Documentary on TV, stating exactly what I have been saying since years, proven by labs and high paid doctors and physicians. Funny, I don’t have these titles and came out with it a long while ago. I really hope people will now realize what all this chemicals and horrible processed food is doing to us, I hope aspartame does get finally banned and they revert back to glass and steel. Now it is slowly starting to become public how much damage it really is doing to us, and the growing cases of cancer, tumors and diabetes have all to do with Aspartame, Saccharin and Plastics, maybe there is hope that people will see the truth and our food and drinks will become better quality again and packed in healthy, recycable packages. Glass is the very best for you, highly reusable and recycable. I for one keep fighting it as good as i can and eat as fresh as I can, buy as little packed food as I have to, and keep drinking my filtered water, green tea and fruit juices with water.


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