Love is a curious thing, ranging from simply enjoying something like a meal, to real deep feelings over years for another person.

A milder version of it is a crush on someone, but it should never be confused with simple attraction.

The word love is thrown around too easy these days, and relationships aren’t based on real feelings a lot of times, but on attraction or for gain purposes only.

Yet Love is very important in every day life, and has a high psychological importance.

I have never felt or experienced real true love, and don’t know if I ever will, all I know is that I have had strong feelings towards people before, but the way I was treated back it never developed into love.

I do feel strongly for someone since about 2010, the feelings are weaker on some days, stronger on others, yet I can’t forget him. I have first come across him in 2005 on a Forum, but he moved away, I just moved to the Country, so it was just a brief hello and bye so not even worth truly remembering. In 2010 I met him, it took me until much later to realise it is the same person. Due to his profession I know however it could never be, yet I can’t get him out of my system. If all goes well I will see him again later this year, if I will be able to confess anything is a doubt though, after all I have been crashed, burnt and shot down too many times, yet isn’t there something meant to be when you keep crossing paths over such a long period of time? I wonder.


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