Parenthood these days

Kids are wrapped in cotton wool these days and surrounded by electronics. Parents are glad they don’t have to spend much time with their kids, and rather have them do things after school and have them sit at a laptop or tablet then actually spend time with them, which ends up with them being unable to communicate, being immature, and last but not least ignorant. Or they get into the wrong things, and are aggressive and bullies.

Now bad happens everywhere, and even the most positive people who try not to absorb it will eventually get some of it and react in a not so happy or positive way. If there was more respect amongst society again, and if people were happy with the little things again, things could revert back to a happier environment. We were happy with riding our bikes, skateboards, hang out with friends. Now it’s just he has an iPhone I need one too, she has the latest gadget, I need it too. No one needs these things, it’s just greed, and wanting. Of course the parents are to blame, they spend the money just so they don’t have to spend time with their child. They spend it just so the child has it. No one under 18 needs a mobile phone, we didn’t have them and were safe, the parents of their friends have phones, of they are late, they can call the other parents, but again this would mean the parents would have to care. Teenagers don’t need laptops, tablets and all this, they should read, spend time with their friends, be outside, enjoy their youth and what life has to offer. A few cuts and bruises here and there are part of growing up. Let your child have them.

It is pretty shocking to see the amount of over 21s who still talk and act like 13 years olds, who are into my little pony or things of that nature. I really worry about our future…


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