This is a serious issue, and has become really bad over the past couple of years. Illegal streams and downloads of music and movies is not only bad for the economy it is also stealing to the highest degree. Some of you seem to forget that being an artist, actor, musician or singer is a job, and everyone does a job for a living. Now, this does not mean I agree with the overly disgusting wages some of these people earn but this is another story.

If you were to do a great job, and would not be getting paid at the end of the month, you would change the Company for sure. No one wants to work for free, it is why we banished Slavery a long time ago. By taking music or movies without paying for them you are not only stealing, you also take someone’s wages away. Too much stealing means a Company has to shut down, or several talents out there aren’t even put into work due to the theft that leaves Companies with a big whole to fill.

Please stop wanting everything for free! The world keeps turning because of income and outgoings. You want something you pay for it, it’s that simple. Official downloads aren’t expensive at all. You don’t want people to just enter your house / flat / apartment and take your belongings as they wish now do you?

Downloading and streaming music and movies illegally isn’t only a crime, it also shows lack of respect, ignorance and is plain faceless.

Freebies are great, we all love them. They are usually giveaways from Companies for promotion.



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