Jealousy is a disease and it has spread immensely over the past decade. Mainly caused by insecurity it can really drive people to extreme lengths and rather terrible behaviour. Bullying is in most cases a form of jealousy, so is talking trash about someone behind their back. I am lucky to say I have never felt negative jealousy, I am happy for people when they achieve things, have dreams come true or get to do and see things, sure I go “I am jealous” if someone travels to a nice destination, or has something but I’m not feeling any stings inside me or anything like that, just being happy for that person, and think maybe one day I can get there too.

Seeing what I have been through and how people treated me, are the causes for my insecurities, trust, self worth and my self-image, yet I still can’t understand how people can be so jealous and do such harm to others only because they are too obsessed worrying about others, than try to work on themselves, to achieve things to be able to grant someone something. I hope there will be a cure sometime soon…


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