Film review: Hammer of the Gods

Well I haven’t written my reviews on my personal blog before, I used to write for an online magazine where I did these, but as this has been shut down now, after twelve years of being around I have decided to post this on here.

I am usually more a Horror / Action / Fantasy fan, but Hammer of the Gods is really one film worth watching.

Yes it is a Vikings’ movie and this isn’t something I am usually into. Hammer of the Gods plays in the year 871 AD in Britain and is about a young Viking named Steinar who is sent out by his dying father, who hapepns to be the king, to find his only brother, Hakan, that had been banished from the Kingdom many years ago. During this journey the young man turned into a ruthless warrior. The journey isn’t only one he takes through the land and coming across enemies, it is also about finding himself, and learning about the truth of what had happened in the past to what he was told. It gets pretty deep at times, and shows certain sides of a person and what he becomes during taunting situations. It is one of the few movies that grow towards the end instead of falling flat.

Watch the official trailer here

The movie will be released in cinemas throughout the US on July 5th and in the UK August 30th, 2013

Credited cast:
Charlie Bewley – Steinar
Clive Standen – Hagen
James Cosmo – King Bagsecg
Elliot Cowan – Hakan
Glynis Barber – Astrid
Ivan Kaye – Ivar
Michael Jibson – Grim
Guy Flanagan – Jokul
Theo Barklem-Biggs – Vali
Alexandra Dowling – Agnes
Finlay Robertso – Harald
Michael Lindall – Saxon Leader
Francis Magee – Ulric

Directed by:
Farren Blackburn

Written by:
Matthew Read


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