The media and the industry

The film industry is more evil than it has ever been. Too many pedophiles are in the “high ranks” and use and abuse young people for their pleasure, and not all of them really get roles. Why do you think they want actresses and actors to have bodies and the weight of children? It’s not normal for a grown woman to be under 110lbs, and some of them are really tall so should be at least 135-140 lbs.

Of course the media, run by these moguls, keep claiming people need to lose weight and only thin is beautiful, they earn money with that, and the less people eat, the more brain they lose, the less willpower they have. It is very shocking to see so many sheep following the few black sheep, instead of living life. Yes we need to be healthy and look after ourselves, but being underweight, stick and bones isn’t healthy and not pretty!

So many people changed for the negative since they have been caught in that vicious circle of counting calories, over exercising and not enjoying life and it’s little pleasures at all as they are unable to do so. It’s wrong, and painful to see humans do this to themselves.


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