It’s been ages!

Well it has been a while. Honestly I didn’t really have the muse to update this and kept pushing it back, it has been almost a year now.

So, what can I say. I hate to be back in Germany for the part of the people, especially in the area I live in. But most of Europe has changed in that way, it is overcrowded in most parts, and people are rude and ignorant in the majority of places now too, which is a real shame.
I’m glad to be back to be closer to those that matter to me, health insurance wise, which isn’t as great as it once was, but still better than in the UK, even I never had to make use of sick days much yet *touch wood*. It’s also better income here even we do pay more taxes, and food prices are insane, and the pension will be a lot more than it would be in England if I remained there for the rest of my life, eventhough it isn’t great here either, if I even will get any pension at all by the time I hit that age.

I haven’t been to any Cons, and have not met anyone exciting since a while so not much to tell you there, sorry.

Besides that, still the same old too, still not back working as a PA because I don’t have the cash to buy my way into the places I would need to in order to meet the people I need to know in the business, and to be honest, I have no desire too either as I have a problem with fakeness and idiocy. If it is meant to be it will come to me once more.

The only other issue really are people. I honestly think that I am from a different time as I really can’t cope with the way people are these days. Ignorance, rudeness, lack of manners, courtesy and education. I mean it’s no surprise people changed in that way, no one has freedom or space anymore, it’s all masses now, open planned, loud and crowded so naturally ya get aggressive and pushy, still I really can’t deal with it. Wish those in charge would wake up and change it. They won’t however as it keeps their greedy pockets full and THEY can get away on luxury and islands to be alone 300 days/year if they want to, with the money they make out of those idiots believing everything the media tells them.

I really hate people who think because they have studied they Re the shit, when they aren’t and really are thick as fuck just managed to get their paper somehow! Like McFadden sung so correctly “men in suits who think they know it all”. Sadly they are the majority these days.
Seriously the sheep should wake up! You are just following a herd having no clue, no destination. Be yourself. Be individual. Be rock’n’roll!


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