It really is that time of the year where everyone seems to lose their heads more than usual. I don’t understand it, really you do know it happens every year, it is a set date. You all have 364 days to prepare for the next one but once the calendar hits December 1st, most of you seem to go beserk and insane.  Planning, perparation and getting presents throughout the year whenever you see something suitable for someone is the key! It isn’t that hard really and not rocket science.

I don’t even do Christmas, I find the commercial side of it appauling!  If I want to give someone a present I will do so because I feel like it, coming straight from the heart, I don’t need a day in the calendar to tell me to do so. I celebrate Yule, and enjoy the peaceful and quiet days.

On this note have a merry one and maybe next year you will see that planning and preparation is the key 😉

So long…


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