Some people really should not be allowed behind a wheel especially in this area. Sorry to say that it is mostly women in chelsea tractors or mini coopers and lads with shaved heads in minis and golfs that really should visit a driving school near them.
Stopping in the middle of a road without indicators, pulling out an inch in front of you or not understanding that those INSIDE the roundabout are those that have right of way… seriously?

There are so many delays and queues were they wouldn’t need to be if only people would use their brains whilst being sat in a car, pay attention, don’t think they are clever going into the wrong lane then pushing in at the front only to get two cars ahead. Using mobile phones is a big no too whilst driving especially if you’re a bad driver without any distractions already.

If it was to me half of the people around here would not be allowed behind the wheel and I am surprised that they actually are.

I could go on and on but I think I will stop right here.


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