Society and Racism

Everyone shouts racism at the moment. The authorities are soft and as soon as you use this word you get attention. It’s pathetic that people use this as an excuse to get attention and victimise themselves in that way. Racism and disrespecting another is HORRIBLE but it is almost as nasty to claim you are racially abused even it isn’t so. Society is really rotten these days and the authorities’ walking on eggshells isn’t helping.  People moan and complain too much these days as a detour to all their unfriendly activities.

It needs to stop! People STOP being such attention seeking pussies and cry racism when you aren’t even verbally abused and you other lot STOP the harassment, abuse and nastiness! Disrespecting anyone for their colour, race, bodyshape, size or anything else is simply pathetic. We live in 2011 for goodness sake not in 11, and we are living in what is said to be a civilised Country. Even the Neanderthals had more manners than a lot of you out there! You’re sad, pathetic and nothing but fools!


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