Ugly can be many things, mostly it is different taste, as what something may be ugly to one it could be the most beautiful thing on earth to another. Now, to me there is only one thing that I consider as ugly, everything else is preference. That only thing I consider ugly is the inside of some people.

Latest example: I used to have a “friend” or I thought she was anyway. Yet all she did was lie and talked behind people’s back. I was thinking what she’d say about me when I turned my back around. Well she kept claiming I was the most important thing in her life, kind of obsessive, weird really. I shrugged it off, knowing it was bullshit, she is a dramaqueen so said a lot of things over dramatic.  Anyway after ending contact, but then giving her another chance as I did miss her, she just did the same again. Lie blatantly and spread lies about people, including me. Making up stories. She is good at playing the victim too when she is the one talking utter bull. She claims she has good friends, she has no one. She sits in front of the computer all day, writing disgsusting fanfiction and roleplaying on forums every minute of her spare time.  In the weird way though, as if she truly was in this world, basing her life around it not being in reality anymore at all! She even is different people, talking to herself, claiming she is a friend of her. All that with almost forty.

Now after almost a whole year she STILL talks bad about me to one girl who was alright to me, but then attacked me out of the blue for no reason the next, because I ended contact with the ex-friend. I mean seriously? Those girls need a hobby or something, and not the hobby they are doing, roleplaying with all base to reality lost completely. Anyway I sent her an email telling her to stop the lies and spreading shit, it isn’t right nor nice. She always claimed she didn’t do such things.

She replied, saying what I expect throwing her away like a used tissue, and after my betrayal. MY betrayal? When I confronted her with her lies again, she said she knew she was wrong and that she is sorry? I laughed! I told her to eff off, literally. She is stalking me again, writing me again telling me that she feels sorry for me as everything that is being sent out is returned threefold. That is true for Karma, but seeing she is the one spreading lies, acting immature and being the fake being she is, she is the one getting it back herself. I laughed, actually I was in hysterics, my tummy hurt.

Now being that ugly on the inside as that woman is, that is real true ugliness.

Stay beautiful!


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