The easiest of course would be to shut off all emotions and never to even bother and try with people anymore, that way of course it would protect one from getting hurt or disappointed again, yet this wouldn’t be life and it just wouldn’t work either.

It is shocking that some adults act worse than the twenty year olds nowadays and that is saying something as most under 25s are pretty damn immature these days, we never were like that when we were that age, none of the people of my generation I talk to. 

Not to bore you all with the details but once again I am very disappointed in the human race and it never ceases to amaze me what humans do to each other.

The other thing I would like to mention is obsession. Liking something and being fan of something is part of life and we all sort of have something or someone we can relate to and/or enjoy listening to, watching on TV or reading. Yet obsession is rather worrying and unhealthy so is the jealousy that comes along with a lot of “fandoms”.

It is shocking how some people act towards another out of jealousy or simply out of immaturity, if you all like the same thing, shouldn’t you just be a community and share the like for the person / fandom? The worst is most people acting that way and really horrible aren’t only teenagers but women in their thirties, forties and even fifties. At least the latter should have more in life and know better. 


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