What are ideals? Surely not being a skeleton and thick as hell!

Why are some of you so obsessed with the media and believe everything they say? If they say jump off a bridge as it’s “in” right now will you do it too?

See we are all human, everyone has their place on this earth. No matter what colour, religion or SIZE AND SHAPE we are! People discriminate against the larger people, including the media then in the next sentence go on how they hate discrimination and racism… hypocrite much?

I honestly wonder if there are more pedophiles in this world then officially announced as a size 0 is the figure of a seven year old child, so if someone finds that attractive, sorry to say, they can’t be normal. Yes being too large isn’t good for your health BUT do you know WHY some people are large? Not everyone is this way from overeating! All those diets, celebs outdoing each other being UNHEALTHILY skinny is going too far.

The next subject is women in general. They dress like sluts, act like them and then whine about how they don’t want to be seen or treated like a piece of meat. Hello? WAKE UP! Being sexy is being you and your real self NOT showing your bits off in public, that’s just tacky and cheap.

What is also very shocking is that it does effect the brains. More and more people are thick and uneducated because all they got in life is following the lead and wanting to look like a corpse, they got nothing else in life. That is shocking! Life has so much more to offer. A shape isn’t the most important thing in life. Wake up and realise you are the REAL UGLY people, discriminating and acting the way you do.

Now to my question. What is ideal? What is beauty? It remains in the eye of the beholder and everyone is entitled to be who they want to be and are!  What may be the most precious and beautiful thing to one, may be totally horrible and shocking to another. It’s what makes life interesting, different things, the colours of the world, the variety we are allowed to witness.

Be you, be individual, be genuine and be REAL! That’s the real values in life that matter.


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