Charlie Bewley again

Some of you that read my blog regularly may recall me posting about someone I have met on Ring*Con last year in October and who I just can’t seem to get out of my head since. Well I did run into him again at London Film and Comic Con in London over the weekend. There were loads of people however, and I had one shoot after the other, a few people wanting pics with me as well so I couldn’t chat with him, also I don’t like to walk up to the table and just chat away, even when there is no queue, unless being called over by the person sat there because they know me or want to ask something. Yet I felt close to him again, and I found out we have “met” before. He was on a Forum I used to be on when I moved from Ireland to England, he was thinking about leaving England just when I moved over. Coincidence? So we sort of keep crossing paths but yet we still are far apart…


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